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How It Works

Sand Traxx are made of high quality leather, have an anti-slip sole, an orthotic arch support, and are super comfortable.

The bottom of each sandal has velcro adhered to the sole in a recessed area which has space for you to place 10 characters any way you choose, get creative. This allows you to create ANY MESSAGE, at ANY TIME. You can change the message as many times as you would like.

Going to a beach wedding? Create a friendly message for the bridge and groom.

Need to advertise your new product? Leave something for possible consumers to react to.

Great Ice Breaker or conversation starter!

Each pair will come with two sets of alphabets, 8 spaces, as well as two each of: 1,&,#,$,? and a heart.

About Us

My name is Jeff Wagener, I came up with this idea after I watched an episode of Shark Tank on TV.  A person had flip flops with a saying embossed on the bottom.  I thought that was an ok idea but thought it would be nice if a person could personalize their message.  After several years of thought, I mentioned what I was thinking to a friend of mine, Jude Lague. He agreed that we should get something going.   


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Star Tribune Article

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